• · With more than 20 years experience in rotational molding, we supply customers with the highest quality aluminum molds for rotomold.

    · Mould we manufacture will insure easy demoulding , undamaged in structure,  air hole and sand hole are not allowed in surface treatment.

    · The whole process of designing and controlling the manufacturing process of the rotational mold, including the wood mold house, the casting plant and the CNC processing plant, enables us to complete the mold with high efficiency and quality.

    · High design ability, we can design products according the samples 

    · Using the high precision CNC machines and rapid processing method, shortened the delivery time .

    · Quick delivery time: Lead time is always from 35days to 45 days

    · Moulds we manufacture is always with the same thickness, and with high accuracy, it will make the products with equal thickness.

    · We have 12 production line for rotational molding products manufacture, and can make 5 meters long products.

    · Low cost product assembly service for customers

    · Market oriented, Quality survival, technology is motive power, Credibility is fundamental

    · Compared with injection molding process, the rotational molding plastic products have the advantages of good edge strength, which can guarantee the strength of products to the greatest extent, high product strength and long using life.

    · Flexible design: various inserts can be placed to reduce the cost of Manufacture.

    · It can be used for special purposes. By adjusting the thickness and filling with foaming materials, it can be used for heat preservation, sound insulation and other purposes.